The Holy Catholic Bible 1737 Red Ruled Copper Plates $1500.00

Antique Catholic Bible

Biblia Sacra Vulgatae

Published By Nicolaum Pezzano

Sixtus V. [Pontificis Max.]; Clementis VIII 1737

Frontis Engraving By: Zuliani

Old Testament, Apocrypha, New Testament and Index

Catholic Bible containing the books of the Old Testament are arranged in the usual fashion for the period, beginning with Genesis and concluding with Machabaerim (Malachi). The New Testament (although not identified as such) begins with Matthew and concludes with the four books of Esdrae. This is followed by an Index Testimonium a Christo et Apostolis, a Hebrew/Greek, Chaldean concordance, a comprehensive Index to the bible.Full Vellum

This Catholic Bible has decorative initials and fascinating work containing:

  • Introduction.
  • Pentateuchum Moysi. [5 Books of Moses] Genesis, Exodus, Levitikus, Numeri,Deuteronomium.
  • Libre Iosue, Ruth, Regum IV et Paralipomenon. [Book of Joshua. Book of Ruth. Kings. Chronicles]
  • Esdras [Ezra], Tobias, Iudith, Esther, Iob, Psalmi, Proverbia, Ecclesiastes, Canticum Canticorum [Song of Songs], Sapientha [Wisdom]. Ecclesiasticus [Ben Sirah]
  • Prophetae: Isaias, Ieremias, Baruch, Ezechiel, Daniel, XII Minores [The Twelve Minor Prophets] et Maccabaeorum Libri Duo.
  • Novum Testamentum. Domini Nostri Iesu Christi. Vulgates Editionis, justa exemplar Vaticanum anni 1592.
  • Manasse Oratio [Prayer of Menasse], Esdrae Lib. III & IV. Cum Indice Bibliorum triplici.

The Latin Catholic Bible [the equivalent of the King-James-edition in English]. It contains 24 Books of the Hebrew Bible, however in Catholic, not Jewish order. Within the parts of the Jewish Bible, it has additional works that are not incorporated in the 24 Books of Tanakh (i.e. Tora [the Five Books of Moses], Nevi’im [Prophets] and Ketuvim [Hageography]). These are: The Book of Tobias, the Book of Judith, Sapientha [Wisdom; also referred to as “Wisdom of Salomon”], Eccliasticus [The Wisdom of Ben Sira], the Book of Baruch, Maccabaeorum Libri Duo [Book of Maccabees I, II] and Manassa Oratiio. Among the mentioned books, Eccliasticus is the clearest indication that this is a Catholic Bible, since this Book is neither induced in the Jewish nor the Protestant canon. Some edge wear on bindings with joints, corners and spines slightly rubbed.Bindings in overall good to very good, interior in very good . 15 full page plates. Has ex invisibal library stamp of Richmond. With two ink stamps on the behind the title page with a quilled date of 1737. All Text Is In Latin.



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Antique Vintage Rare Bible. Arguably an era of the most beautiful craftsmanship of Antique Bibles, one distinguishable feature of this century can include embossed leather details to compliment the ornate gold gilding on their covers. They are work sof period artists such as Gustave Dore and Friedrich Overbeck. There really is no better way to enjoy such timeless art than to have one of these beautiful examples of God’s Word.
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