Antique Rare Bible For Sale

Antique Rare Bible For Sale


Antique Rare Bible For Sale. Arguably an era of the most beautiful craftsmanship of Antique Bibles, one distinguishable feature of this century can include embossed leather details to compliment the ornate gold gilding on their covers. They are work sof period artists such as Gustave Dore and Friedrich Overbeck. There really is no better way to enjoy such timeless art than to have one of these beautiful examples of God’s Word.

The Douay–Rheims Antique Catholic Bibles is a translation of the Bible from the Latin Vulgate into English made by members of the English College, Douai, in the service of the Catholic Church. The New Testament portion was published in Reims, France, in 1582, in one volume with extensive commentary and notes. The Old Testament portion was published in two volumes thirty years later by the University of Douai.

Antique Rare King James Version, is an English translation of the Holy Bible, that had began in 1604 and was completed in 1611. First printed by the King’s Printer Robert Barker, this was the third “Official” translation of the Bible into English, authorized by the Church of England. 

Over the past two thousand years Antique Bibles King James Catholic Bibles ,the word of God has been interpreted and re-interpreted time and time again. It is very understandable that the word will evolve as translations are made of other translations, breaking further away from the oldest Greek Manuscripts we have today which contain the earliest recorded copies of our Bible.

Almost from time immemorial book collecting, and before that manuscript collecting, and before that anything that you could scratch or carve a message on, Antique Bibles has been the subject of the most interest. If you like the feel of old paper, antique print and long forgotten bindings then they are for you